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Recommended only after you have completed at least the Beginner level of obedience.  Dogs learn to master an obstacle course consisting of tunnels., weave poles, A-frame,, teeter, dog walk, jumps and more.  A fun filled 8 week course for both you and your dog.  Various levels offered:

Foundation Agility -   This class is games and work on the flat. Obstacle introduction and jumping skills will be taught at a low height. This class is suitable for puppies as young as 4 months and dogs that have not had agility training. If the handler has not done agility with a prior dog an obedience or puppy class is recommended.  

 Beginner Agility - This class is for dogs that are 8 months and older and have had no agility training. Obstacle introduction, jumping skills and basic handling techniques will be taught. Dogs should have had at least one obedience class and be comfortable working in a group class.

Advanced Beginners /Novice/Open- Dogs should have completed one or more sessions of Beginner Agility or comparable class. Dogs in this class should be jumping at the full height or close to it, and doing full height obstacles, have started weave training  and should be able to sequence up to six obstacles. Dogs should be over a year or have permission from the instructor.  

 Competition/Excellent/Masters -This class is for teams that are close to or ready to compete. Dogs should be proficient at all contact obstacles, weaves and jumping skills. Handlers should be able to do a competition level course using more advanced handling techniques. 

Jumping Grids (Foundation and Advanced) This class will teach dogs to jump correctly. The class is based primarily on Susan Salo s' grids program. Foundation grids is appropriate for puppies, dogs with little jumping experience, dogs with a jumping issue or any dog that needs to build jumping skills. Dogs enrolling in Advanced grids need to have completed foundation grids or have comparable experience. 

 8 Weeks - $120

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