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Introduction to Canine Fitness

This class is great for dogs of all ages and capabilities! It is a great starting point for athletes, puppies, seniors, couch potatoes and that weekend warrior pup!  We cover:

  • The benefits and safety protocols for exercises between different age groups.

  • How to use marker works, perform luring techniques and targeting skills.

  • Handling skills. How to have your pet lay down for manual stretching and exercises.

  • Safe introduction to equipment (stable and unstable).

  • Warm up and cool down techniques.

  • Learning when you’re pet is fatigued.

  • Ways to increase flexibility, coordination and focus.

Intermediate Canine Fitness 

This class is meant to build an even stronger bond with your dog. You will have to really focus on their body movements and how they are doing their exercises.  Class details:

  • A review of skills learned in Introduction to Canine Fitness.

  • More on endurance building.

  • More challenging core and strength building exercises.

  • Introduction to more challenging equipment.

  • More information on how to properly warm up and cool down your pet.    

  • Different types of sports will be talked about that you can do with your dog. We will touch base on some important exercises for different ones and go over different equipment that is used.

Introduction to Canine Fitness is a prerequisite to this class!!

Advanced Canine Fitness Class

The advanced canine fitness class is structured in a way for handlers and their dogs to work together through challenging exercises. This class is much more physically demanding than the introduction and intermediate classes. We will be working on mental and physical exercises for the dogs. Class details:

  • Endurance work (treadmill/slat mill/sprinting exercises)

  • Detailed warm ups and cool downs

  • More information on exercises related to canine sports

  • Challenging obstacle courses

  • Discuss common injuries and how to prevent them. (sporting and non-sporting dogs)

Introduction to Canine Fitness AND The Intermediate Canine Fitness class are prerequisites to taking this class.

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