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Where Are My Back Feet? !

This class is for dogs of all ages and all levels.  No experience in fitness needed.  It is all about helping your pup learn where their back feet are!  You will learn how to help your dog understand a verbal for their front feet and back feet.  This will help in many sports, help build confidence and also help prevent injury for your dog.  

Prerequisites for this class: basic obedience is always recommended.  

Confidence in Motion

This class is going to help you teach your dog how to confidently work independently from you.  They will have to work through different obstacles/puzzles that will help boost their confidence and really make them think.  This class can be tailored to any age and any level that a dog is at.  This class .

Prerequisite for this class:  Basic Obedience is always recommended

Improving Jumping Skills

This class is for any handler that has a dog in a sport that involves jumping.  This can include (but is not limited to ) agility, obedience, flyball, dock diving and protection work.   We will dive deep into what parts of the body are being worked during jumping.  We will go over different exercises every week and build on the week prior.  

Prerequisites: Basic obedience is always recommended.  It is recommended to have a basic understanding for canine fitness ( e.g. took private sessions with Leah, seminars, or one of the intro level fitness classes).  Any level can join and the exercises will be tailored to the dog.    

All classes:  8 Weeks - $120

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