Obedience & Rally

Having a well trained dog can bring joy along with making your pet a much happier member of the family. 


Training is designed to make your relationship with your pet a more meaningful one and helps to open up new avenues for both you and your dog.   

Many obedience trained dogs continue and serve as registered Therapy Dogs, 

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Obedience Classes

Puppy Class: For puppies 2-8 months old, "puppy kindergarten" teaches the basics such has Heel, Walking on a leash, Sit, Down, Stay and Come When Called. 


Beginner: In this 8 week course, training extends beyond the basic puppy class level with a deeper understanding of Heel, Sit, Sit/Stay, Down, Down/Stay Recall & Finish and Stand For Exam. 


Advanced:  For dogs successfully completing our Beginner class, This level of training perfects the basic exercise performance, including working off leash with your dog moving freely and in control. 


Competition, Open & Utility:  For dogs actively pursuing competition obedience titles, this class focuses and fine tunes the performance at the  Novice, Open and Utility class levels.  Exercises are  done off leash with retrieving, and jumping challenges added. 


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Rally Classes
In Rally, a dog and their handler move together through a course made up of 10-20 signs. Each sign displays a skill to perform such as turns or behaviors like sit, down, or stay. The dog and handler work together and should show a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the course.